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The FARVets trip to Thailand was the farthest the NGO has traveled to date.  The team met up in Phuket, and was transported to Takua Pa in the Phang Nga region to stay at Thai Life Homestay, where the owners and operators hosted the FARVets team.   Thai Life Homestay is a supporter of local temples, regularly bringing food and supplies to care for the temple dogs.

FARVets worked out of several temples and in a village on the island of Koh Phayam to sterilize and vaccinate the temple dog and cat residents and pets belonging to local villagers.  


The local communities were so grateful for the clinic that FARVets was invited to return to provide more clinics.  The regional Thai government heard about the good work that FARVets did and promised to build upon the momentum and fund clinics there in the future.

FARVets Thailand was a huge success.  It was the farthest the FARVets team had been from home, with all new cultural experiences.  What wasn’t new was the gracious hospitality and commitment to animal welfare of our host partners, and the dedicated human-animal bond pet owners shared with their pets.  We’re looking forward to returning to Thailand!

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